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Free adware remove now!

News Update!

We’ve recently received member complaints regarding their concerns about Ad Ware, Spy Ware, and Theif Ware on their computers.

Many complaints included:

  • browser hijackings

  • random pop up ads

  • slow computer speed

  • reset home pages and searches

  • installed tool bars

Because of the increased number of these complaints, we’ve decided to provide our subscribers with valuable information to protect themselves from Ad ware, Spy ware, and Thief ware, as well as the opportunity to remove these harmful components for their computer systems.

  • Adware: Any software application in which advertising banners are displayed while the program is running

  • Spyware: Any software that sends data back to a third party - WITHOUT ASKING the user

  • Theifware: Adware or Spyware being used in an unethical manner

As mentioned earlier, the results of Adware, Spyware, and Theifware vary and can just be plain annoying or extremely dangerous to your computer. Most surfers are un-aware of these components on their computer, but anyone who has downloaded music files, video files, free software applications, oraccidentally selected yes to installing random files off the internet are 99% likely to have spyware and adware on their computers.

To protect yourself, we recommend:
  • reading reviews about any free software products you download

  • avoiding downloading free music files

  • reading carefully the auto-installation windows that pop up

To scan your computer and to remove harmful adware and spyware already installed on your computer we recommend AdWareRemoverGold

Best Regards,




What is adware? Adware is 'freeware', whereby ads are embedded in the program. These ads will show up when you open the program. Most adware authors provide the free version with ads and a registered version whereby the ads are disabled. As such, you the user have the choice, you either use the freeware with ads served or you purchase the registered version. Spyware, however, is published as 'freeware' or as 'adware', but the fact that an analysis and tracking program (which reports your activities to the advertising providers' web site for storage and analysis, the 'spyware' agent) is also installed on your system when you install this so-called 'freeware', is usually not mentioned. Even though the name may indicate so, spyware is not an illegal type of software in any way. But what the adware and spyware providers do with the collected information and what they're going to 'feed' you with, is beyond your control. And in some cases it all happens without your consent!


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